Who we are



Cds Marketing Group was founded in 2018 by chastity smith a professional that started this career with the selling of Promotional Products on the campus of Florida A&M University in the University's Bookstore while a student there. The Bookstore was owned by Barnes and Noble College which is owned by Barnes and Nobles. The products in the store were being sold to the students and their family and friends. Smith worked for the company for over two years. Later on in 2013 after graduating Smith began her own business selling Promotional Products to other businesses and continued to operate. In 2016 Smith founded " Public Relations Campaign Development," a Public Relations Firm that was began to create and maintain a positive image on behalf of businesses.

Established in 2018

The business was established in order to assist Business Owners in finding more customers. Businesses can benefit from working with the agency in several ways as it relates to yearly revenue and the restructuring of the Marketing Plan that businesses have in place.

Our Goal

It is our goal to be able to bring your business more clients or more customers by marketing your services to a targeted group of individuals. By building a long term relationship with, Potential, Clients or customers through Email List Building, Lead generation and by starting a conversation through Social Media we can change your monthly income.

Chastity Smith

CEO and Founder

Having been educated at Florida A&M University and receiving a Master of Applied Social Science Degree with a concentration in Public Administration I have 5 years of experience in Project Management. I possess the ability to meet deadlines and to manage a team of professionals in order to reach an expected outcome.